As a stay at home mom there are several things that I consider staples to my daily life. One is the preservation of our family life experiences. There have always been gaps in my childhood history and many whose stories I wish to hear are no longer around to tell them, so I wish that all the events and activities and the daily habits and details be preserved for my children and the generations that follow. I love all things family and try my best everyday to instill quality into our lives. Our daily lives should reflect greatfullness and thanksgiving, not taking for granted our days or breath nor the friends and families we have been blessed with.
It is the preserving of these memories that lead me to designerdigitals where I am blessed to be on the creative team with some amazing women. I look forward to all the creative endeavors in our future.


Teaching and Crafting with my kids, photography, digital scrapbooking, writing, and cooking.